The Case Process

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If you have a case, the process of getting recovery can be very frustrating. Much frustration comers from not knowing what is going on or what is going to happen next. Multiplying your frustration are stories that people have had their case settled in just a few months or even weeks. Some cases can be resolved quickly, but whether your does depends on the facts of the case and the people involved. Thus, so you can understand the process, you should understand what stages your case will go through.

Seven Stages of a Case

Most cases have seven stages. They are (1) injury, (2) treatment, (3) investigation, (4) negotiations, (5) lawsuit/litigation, (6) mediation, and (7) trial/appeal. If you are wondering how long you case will take, or when it will settle, you should read each of the following articles.

The injury stage is the first stage of a case, and it is simply what started the case and why you have a case.

The treatment stage is the second stage of a case. Once your are hurt, the most important thing to do is get medical treatment, and get it quickly.

Investigation is actually an overlapping stage. It begins the second a case happens, and carries on long into the case.

Demand, Offer, and Initial Negotiations is the middle stage of a case. Once you have completed medical treatment, and sufficient investigation has been completed, your attorney can start evaluating your case, and make a damand for payment.

Filing Suit & Litigation: when your case cannot settle initially, it requires that lawsuit be filed. There are several stages of a lawsuit. A suit starts when suit papers are filed, and it is completed when the case is finally tried.

Mediation is a settlement-negotiation conference where a neutral person acts as a referee to get the case settled.

Trial & Appeal is the final stage, and it usually occurs because both sides fundamentally disagree on some or all important issues in a case.



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